ENCLOSURE will provide holistic solutions for respectful cultural heritage conservation through the eco-design, testing and validation of environmentally sustainable nature-based materials that adhere to Circular Economy concepts.

The economic aspects of the final products will also be thoroughly examined, before their transfer to conservation professionals.

ENCLOSURE aims to go beyond the Safe-by-Design concept by quantifying and analyzing the impact metrics of the Life Cycle Assessment. As a result, real, transparent and sustainable alternatives will be produce. Specifically, nanoceluloses obtained from green routes will be employed as substrates to develop cleaning materials and protective coatings of wall and canvas paintings.



Development and characterization of nanocellulose-based materials, alone or in combination with others, with tailored mechanical compressive/tensile and controlled adhesive properties using environmentally-sustainable CNFs and BCs for desalination, cleaning and protection of wall and canvas paintings.


Preparation and ageing of fresco wall painting and canvas painting mock-ups.


Validation of the effectiveness/harmlessness of the developed materials on mock-ups.


Assessment and quantification of the environmental sustainability of the developed materials through Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing and evaluation of the future scalability of the products from the laboratory to the hands of conservation professionals.


ENCLOSURE solutions will minimize the impact on the environment and to the operators’ health, offering new environmentally and economically sustainable materials and technological developments in the field of the conservation of cultural heritage. The project adheres to the objectives set by the Green Deal and will contribute to the sustainability and resilience of the European region.

The green outputs of ENCLOSURE will strengthen the concept that  conservation of cultural heritage can be conducted with a perspective that takes care of the environment and human health and, at the same time, by engaging the public. ENCLOSURE will generate interest and awareness on the relevance of the protection of our cultural heritage from a sustainable perspective.

A multi-decisional tool specifically designed for ENCLOSURE will assist the selection of the most appropriate materials according to the requirements shared by conservation professionals.

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